Occubaby is born!

Call it kismet. Last year police officers fenced in a peaceful young woman and pepper sprayed her in the face at an Occupy protest. She fell in love with the medic who came to her aid. On September 28 the couple had a baby: Tegan Kathleen Grodt!

Occubaby is born!


    1. Yeah, I’m glad Occupy did *something* other than change the whole national discourse to the point that even Newt Gingrich was echoing them for awhile.


    1. Deciding doesn’t always come into it, but even if they did decide what does it matter? I know a couple that got married 4 weeks after meeting and are still together 40 years later. I know people that decided to have kids at 15 that are great parents.

      I don’t advise either course of action for many people; but knowing as much as you do about the couple in question I don’t think you’re in a position to judge fairly.

    2. How dare those dirty hippies reproduce?  Now they’re probably going to expect health care and decent jobs.

  1. I am mildly concerned by my inability to celebrate a new human on the planet. Even if it has a funky story behind it. 
    @unicornrainbow – yes they got busy pretty quickly didn’t they?

  2. I so hope this video makes it into the family’s multimedia scrapbook.  “See Tegan?  This is how mommy and daddy met!”

  3. It’s old news (like, Methuselah old) that the police don’t really care about hurting people at protests but I still can’t help being saddened at them standing by doing nothing as a woman screams on her knees in pain.

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