Photojournalist Dennis Stock visits Planet of the Apes


Photographer Dennis Stock (1928-2010), a legend of the Magnum Photos cooperative, is most famous for his 1955 shot of James Dean in Times Square. Following that, he made stunning photos of the era's jazz greats -- Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Billie Holiday -- and compiled those into the classic monograph Jazz Street. In 1967 though, Stock paid a visit to the Planet of the Apes. (via death_watlz_records)


  1. What an amazing photo! Obsessed with POTA as a boy – the reaity of the apes as beings and as “us” – good and bad – but never forgetting the bad. I kinda wanted to be one. There any any pics of those mutants from Beneath POTA in everyday situations? That’d tip me over the edge.

    1. That links was working earlier. Huh. I updated with a new link that appears to be ok. For now, anyway.

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