Scenes from "Petrochemical America"


Over at my sister-in-law Heather Sparks's new Science Sparks Art tumblog, selections from Richard Misrach and Kate Orff's book Petrochemical America, a collection of Misrach's photos and Orff's "ecological atlas" documenting Louisiana's "Chemical Corridor," aka "Cancer Alley." Above, Taft, Louisana's Holy Rosary Cemetery purchased by Dow Chemical. Petrochemical America


  1. Ummmm…. didn’t some other poor photog fella just get threatened by the FBI for taking pix with a refinery in them?

  2. Fascinating, I love the strange interaction of the brutalist industrial architecture and the environment.
    Somehow all those huge buildings with their pipes and chimneys reminds me of some sort of post apocalyptic castles…

  3. In Texas there is a old town called Morgan’s Point. A third of the town was collected by emanate domain for the Houston Port Authority. Now its cemetery lays surrounded by a shipping yard.

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