Sheet music for "Super Mario Brothers Coin Sound"


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  1. cellocgw says:

    Wow — and I thought memorizing the entire First Bach Suite for my next lesson was a big task!

  2. Anybody know where I can find that in guitar tab?

  3. MattLeidholm says:

    Cut time. Nice.

  4. feetleet says:

    I think the optimized fingering part got cut off in the scanner. But I happen to know that Joseph Karam’s preferred fingering for this piece is ‘two’.  Two fingers.  

  5. 5onthe5 says:

    Interesting that the B is the beat. I’ve always heard the B as a little acciaccatura just before the beat.

    • Boundegar says:

      A lot of sheet music available online is produced automatically, through some musical equivalent of OCR.  I know nothing about the software, but I know it makes simple errors like this.  It can foul up time signatures, pick inappropriate key signatures, fail to recognize key changes.  The results are often useless to musicians – but for sale anyway.

  6. switcha says:

    Finally, something for those of us who want to participate in Beck’s Song Reader, but don’t play instruments well.

  7. hubs says:

    Would be better if the image was kept intact (with the full copyright) and the original source was linked (it’s right there in the website you via’d).

  8. John Jones says:

    I’m concerned at how this is considered fair use. Even if it is just two notes, did Mr. Karam receive permission to notate this arrangement? Did BB get permission to post this? Creative Commons was not around in the 1980s.

    • Actually because its two notes it wouldn’t be covered by copyright anyway.

      • McGreens says:

        Didn’t someone get sued for ‘copying’ John Cage’s 4’33″?

        • Actually I might have got this mixed up with how much of the music can be played and constitute as fair use – but after trying to look into it I’m getting a lot of conflicting information about both.

          I think there are differences between UK and US IP law in this case which confuse things even further (especially with precedent). But I’m sure I remember being taught (by the IPO) that with things like the written word, code and music there are minimum limits for obvious reasons – if anyone knows otherwise would be interested to have it clarified!

      • Mantissa128 says:

        Pirate lies! Nobody may EVER use those two notes again in that order. Children will starve if you do.

        • I’m pretty sure it’s not the order of the notes, but the way in which they’re played – for what it’s worth :)

          Children WILL starve, they’ll be starved of the unique, tantalising thrill of hearing that score when collecting digital representations of currency – as it would instead be generic and hideously over used (like that bloody creaky metal door you hear in EVERYTHING!) . And quite frankly, sir, those are some of my happiest memories.

  9. Ryan Kiefer says:

    Finally, someone wrote this down. I’ve been trying to figure this out on my piano for months. The closest I got was an augmented fourth, but it just didn’t sound right.

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