The Airship: graphic novel printed on letterpress


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  1. Ethan says:

    Sounds very cool! But not first to do letterpress QR codes. I have a business card of Patrick Barrett’s (owner of Lucky Duck Press) with a letter pressed QR code on the back.

  2. kvh says:

    Dittos on the QR code comment. 

    That is far from the first to appear letterpress printed. Most printers I know have had one pop up on a business card job somewhere along the line. 

    I printed one on an art print years ago that sent the user to the Ottmar Mergenthaler wikipedia page, and the letterpress/screenprinting shop I co-own called Baltimore Print Studios, prints one monthly a $2 coupon for the local Final Friday’s events.

  3. Erik Denning says:

    This guy’s stuff looks a lot like Chris Ware’s.

  4. kvh says:

    AND ALSO – if they’re printing 400 in hopes of keeping 250 good ones, they must be pretty new to printing. An overprint of 60% is HUGE. 

    • petr says:

      150 overs is not huge. On a typical colour offset run I allow a minimum of 400 overs, and difficult jobs with heavy solids etc could be double – as it is easy to spoil quite a lot quickly. For a letterpress run maybe its a little more than necessary, but 250 is a small run, you could always sell them. I’ve been printing for 30 years (letterpress, offset and lately digital)

  5. Fornicus says:

    Interesting project to receive a grant for. The skeptic in me wonders how good the comic itself is when you ignore the print method.

  6. copperwatt says:

    A QR code on a letterpress print is like a bumper sticker on a Bentley.

  7. Ian Kahn says:

    Interesting project and I look forward to seeing the result. N.B. I had a set of letterpress printed QR codes (as trade cards) created about 2 years ago by Scott Vile at Ascensius Press (reading ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ And offering any who quoted it a discount at a fine press/antiquarian book fair…several takers, pleasingly).

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