The Beer Shuttle: Kirin ad, Japan, 1984


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  1. allium says:

    That, or if the Air Force hadn’t insisted on that cross-range capability…

    Quick, to the timehole to make things right!

  2. Wow, I would love to have one of those bottles!

  3. hadlockk says:

    The shuttle was finally killed because we managed to wring some usefulness out of it for the money we put in to the program. By the time the program was finally cut it was mostly coasting on inertia and nostalgia. Notice that nobody else is developing a side-mounted shuttle. That era is over, let’s learn our lessons and move forward.

  4. acerplatanoides says:

    1.2ℓ of Kirin could make your world spin.

  5. gwailo_joe says:

    “Chabudai ga hasshadai nan desu ne.”

    Roughly translated: ちゃぶ台(small, round table)が(is)発射台(launchpad)なんですね(isn’t it)。

    Anyhow, I would love to blast off with 1.2l of cold, scientific Kirin…3.2.1。。。うまい!

    • Ean Moody says:

      So: “Your table is really just a small launchpad, isn’t it?” might be an english equivalent with the same general feel?

  6. John Maple says:

    This advertisement still looks good after all this time.

  7. wolfman_al2 says:

    Heh, reminds me in the beverage containers in “Back to the future2″. You know, the futuristic Pepsi containers in 2015 Hill Valley.

  8. oasisob1 says:

    What is wrong with all of you? Doesn’t anyone notice the two tiny men who can fit into the Kirin Shuttle? The Japanese will be able to send men to Mars for about $200. Imagine!

  9. mappo says:

    My God, it’s full of beer!

  10. toobigtofail says:

    OMG – I remember the Beer Shuttle. Bought some in Osaka from a vending machine. The top (the nose cone) was a cup. No flat bottom, so you had to be sociable and pass it around.

  11. Also, why is nobody referencing the presence of Giant Baba in this ad?

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