Tig Notaro's "Cancer Set" at Largo now a downloadable album, via Louis C.K.


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  1. Cory Wright says:

    Her Fresh Air interview was great; can’t wait to give the whole set a listen.

  2. Interesting little thing:

    The title to the album is pronounced with a short i, not a long one; it’s a verb, not an adjective. I heard her say somewhere she did that because the idea of thousands of people instinctively thinking it was the other way was hilarious.
    (Also the set is amazing and worth every penny of the 5 bucks she’s selling it for.)

  3. Koocheekoo says:

    I have purchased this and listened to it three times so far. It is wonderful and worth the $5 easy. I highly, highly recommend this. Cannot say enough. I was honestly crying and laughing out loud at the same time. Genius in the raw honesty. Thanks for posting!

  4. Navin_Johnson says:

    What I heard of this on TAL, and Fresh Air was just amazing and gut wrenching.

  5. spacedoggy says:

    Just listened. great set, great ending. LMAO

  6. Comrade7 says:

    Here’s her story about meeting Taylor Dayne… it’s great too.

  7. a_w_young says:

     Tig is amazing and fun to listen to. I bought this and listened a couple times. I’ve greatly enjoyed her appearances on a few podcasts I like as well as her appearances on Conan.

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