Boy sells mom's bling to finance brothel trip

A 14-year-old teen sold his mother's jewelry to pay for a visit to a brothel in Karlsruhe, Germany. [Reuters]


  1. According to a biography of Picasso I read he would visit brothels when he was fourteen. I guess in those days they were cheap enough that he didn’t need to sell his mother’s jewelry.

    And according to the article the brothel is under investigation for letting the boy and a friend in even though they weren’t the minimum age of eighteen. I can just imagine them getting in and one of them saying, “Dude, they didn’t even card us. We’re totally remembering this place.”

        1. Interessant.  Good old Snopes, making me seem like an ill-informed dick one dinner anecdote at a time.

  2. “We don’t know what the mother’s motives are for pressing charges,” said Minet.  “It’s possible she wants to teach him a lesson or it’s possible she felt she had lost control.”

    If he’s old enough to rip off his mom’s jewelry and sell it to buy pussy, he’s old enough for his punk ass to sit in jail.  Don’t back down, mom, THIS is the tough love he needs!

    1. He’ll be sitting in his cell at Juvie, going [in German], “Dude…. that was… TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!”

  3. Well, I predict she’s going to have some kid there, ethically challenged (after all it was her bling,) but intelligent enough to stay out of issue issues (Its a business doing pleasure with you.)

  4. We would probably be laughing less if he sold his mother’s jewelry to buy heroin.  Because prostitution is completely different from addiction.

    1. That’s the difference between dog bites man and man bites dog. Kids steal from their mothers every day to buy heroin.

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