D10 engagement ring


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  1. franko says:

    make a saving throw against “AWWWW!”

    • Mordicai says:

      Nerds in love make me so happy.

      At my wedding we lightly glued a pre-painted plastic DnD mini to ever seating place card, so each guest got a unique figure.

  2. Doug Black says:

    In before someone else points out that “dice” is plural.  That’s a die. 

  3. xbox361 says:

    Love a romantic geeky story and a chick that still plays old school instead of just on line.
    That’s a babe living in the now, a keeper.  Cooler than a tattoo.

  4. Chris Lites says:

    The D10, because you gave the D20 ring to your first wife.

  5. Bucket says:

    At first glance I thought it was a lunar lander, which would also make an awesome nonstandard ring.

  6. Vian Lawson says:

    You may find that it has a slight bias when you try to roll it, but the concept is sound.  Congratulations to the happy couple.

  7. Notice, the little quip “If I want the dice (sic) can also be removed and replaced with a stone of my choice ^_^” :that’s probably because dad the jeweler, couldn’t comprehend, not wanting to bathe your hand in old carbon, like every other bride.

  8. knoxblox says:

    No way he’s going to roll a natural 1 with this idea.

  9. Ipo says:

    “If I want the dice can also be removed and replaced with a stone of my choice ^_^” 
    Should be: If I want to, I can remove the die and play it. 

  10. Oskar says:

    This is a very sweet gesture and everything, but the pedantic math-nerd part of my personality (which is all of my personality, really) is fuming with rage: the d10 sucks ass! 

    It’s so ugly! All the other dice are beautiful platonic solids, but not the d10. Just look at it, the top and bottom vertices have five connecting faces, but the middle ones have only three! Blasphemy! And the faces aren’t even regular polygons, they’re not even trapezoids, but just some ugly kite-like quadrilateral! Just compare it to the beautiful masterpiece of the dodecahedron that is the d12, all faces being perfect pentagons and each edge connecting exactly three faces. 


    (good wishes to the happy couple, and I hope you grow old and nerdy together, and have many nerdy kids!)

  11. Ryan Lenethen says:

    All the hate for the d10… Tho initially I thought the d20 much more significant in gaming circles. However, a d20 is much larger, and really has too many facets.

    To be honest I bet the whole idea came from the special practice of using 2d10 as percentile dice. Meaning they both get a d10, and together they make up 100%… Awwwww… :) Unless they both roll 01, in which case automatic divorice! Not sure what happens when you get a 00…

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