Electric guitars made from old oil cans


4 Responses to “Electric guitars made from old oil cans”

  1. tedrock says:

    There is a band named Split Lip Rayfield that features a single string bass made from the gas tank of a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis….

  2. autark says:

    There were a couple guys walking around SF MusicTech with these yesterday

  3. Isaac Rinke says:

    A neighbor of mine has family in Morocco. At one point in time, one of their relatives was in school and had an orchestra class. The only problem was that they couldn’t afford a violin for her, so they built one out of an old oil can. Eventually, my neighbor’s granddaughter bought her a violin. I always think about how backwards the cigar box trend is when I remember that.

  4. Claude Johnson says:

    Where you strum these guitar is actually very important to the sound you want to achieve through guitar scales. There’s certain places on the guitar that have a warmer, bassier sound… and others that have a brighter sound….my personal opinion though…

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