Little droid dress

If you need a party frock to go with your R2D2 bathing suit look no further, for this is clearly the dress you've been looking for.

Artoo Dress


    1. They’re just jealous because he gets all the human/cyborg relations, if you know what I mean.

      1. Really? You don’t think it’s been photo-shopped?  Man. No wonder people have such fucked up beauty ideals.

    1. Yeah, I’m a size 2 and I still wouldn’t feel comfortable in this. Go figure, my body isn’t the shape of a cheese it box. It’s almost as it I’m made out of some strange fleshy material…

  1. Oh, hey, more Black Milk stuff. That’s pretty awesome – the guy that designs and makes these lives in my city, Brisbane, Australia. By all reports, he’s a pretty chill dude.

  2. What?  No comments in the post about how she’s not obese?
    Of course Jello took care of that later but still, I thought we developing into a brave new, moderately to extremely obese, boingboing.

    1. There’s a sizing chart.  It’s polyester and lycra.  You could probably shoehorn a rhino in it, but just because you could doesn’t mean you should.

    2. They make it in sizes S through L. L is currently listed as “low stock”. Given that “L” typically maps to size 12-14, and the average American woman is size 18, the choice of available sizes is interesting.

      EDIT TO ADD: And, by the way, depending on how you calculate women’s sizes (which are not standardized), the average American woman may be as small as 14. But even given that, it’s interesting that the dress is available for women who are average or smaller (even down to the extreme of XS), but not any larger than average.

      1.  Someone else commented saying that this is by an Australian manufacturer, so maybe that means the sizing is different. Large here in Australia tends to be 14, 16, or even 18 in our sizes. A medium is usually 12-14 for us.


          From the site, a Large is 38.5 bust, 33 waist, 41.5 hips, standard Australian size is apparently 38, 30, 41. So this dress perhaps fits someone with a more rectangular figure than an hourglass, but then it does stretch.

  3. Maybe any of these posters arguing about weight could actually click the link to the site and the see the prominently displayed user images of the product that show people of all sizes and figures using it?

    1. Isn’t it telling, then, that the image boingboing — and the site — chose to display as the first one a visitor sees is that of a young, white, and very thin person? 

      I’m not hugely sensitive to the issue by default, but a friend had just mentioned that she’s giving up on boingboing because it’s all about the boyz. Looking at the last few days of posts, can you spot one that talks about appearance and *doesn’t* use an image of a young, thin, white female?


    1.  Actually if you compare the sizes given on the site with standard Australian dress sizes, the Waist measurement is larger on the site, implying that this outfit is designed for a person with a more rectangular body shape.

      Unless you mean Actual cylindrical people??

  5. She’s not pale.  I’m pale.  I’m of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh descent.  I glow in the dark.  Just because she’s not the color of midnight does not mean she’s pale.

  6. Pretty sure there’s no way for them to do it right in your eyes. Ever consider starting a retail costume webstore?

  7. @boingboing-2f364281f619584f24f63a794a12e354:disqus I get a cookie because you mashed all “light-skinned” people into one? Sweet! We should hang out more often.

  8. I glow in the dark.

    OK.  That one made me LOL.  Mostly because I’m pretty much in the same boat.  In the spring, I reflect light like a boss.

  9.  I can’t find those galleries, even after I turned off the ad-blocker I use. Can you be more specific about where they are?

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