On the auction block: "arguably the most aesthetic iron meteorite known to exist"


17 Responses to “On the auction block: "arguably the most aesthetic iron meteorite known to exist"”

  1. Aloisius says:

    Who says the economy hasn’t turned around?

    $140,000-$160,000 for a piece of iron. Yikes.

  2. I like it. It kind of makes me think of an Ecce Mono version of Majora’s Mask.

  3. Lobster says:

    It’s Jesus!  See, look at the holes, they’re just like a pair of eyes!  Just like Jesus had!

  4. Trefunk says:

    “Indigenous tribesmen with metal detectors” sound vaguely awesome. And metal.

  5. Bob Fuller says:

    How much did the indigenous tribesmen earn?

  6. timquinn says:

    An artisanal photographer is required to capture that level of aestheticism. In a lesser craftsman’s hands it would be merely beautiful.

  7. El Verde says:

    Slightly off-topic: does it bother anyone else when people say “aesthetic” when they mean “pretty”? Drives me up a wall. Like saying “utilize” when you mean “use”—technically correct, but trying too hard to sound smart.

  8. Judonerd says:

    So what they are saying, is… “It looks like a face. What are the odds?!”

  9. gumbowing says:

    The hyperbole used to describe this chunk of iron is incomparably sumptuous and matchless in magnificence! Not to mention crumulent and feculent.

  10. Singe says:

    Meh. I’d prefer plenty perfectly prettier pallasites.

  11. pjcamp says:

    Mask? My first thought was pelvis.

  12. peregrinus says:

    They’re here.  No more questions.

    Or Felix Baumgartner’s suit team have some answering to do.

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