Sexy Sesame Street Halloween costumes


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  1. ocker3 says:

    The perfect conversation starter “today’s show is brought to you by the letters O, M and G!”

    Also it makes perfect sense that Ernie has the more risque costume

  2. CastanhasDoPara says:

    The new look of the Corporate Broadcasting Service’s (formerly PBS) Sesame Street.

    May I suggest we call it Sex-a-me Street

  3. EH says:

    Why these are women’s costumes I have no idea. Is there a “Sexy Napoleon Dynamite” costume for women as well?

  4. ChicagoD says:

    Huh. I always thought they were gay men. TV looks really different in HD.

  5. Sanjana Daniel says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to “Tickle-me-Ernie”!

  6. RJ says:

    Bert and Ernie are male characters.
    Look at those “women” and think about that.

  7. singrum says:

    May I suggest, it’s not sexy? Maybe I’m just too old, but women with too much makeup, showing too much silicon, in children’s costumes is VERY CREEPY … if it were men dressed up, we’d call it pedobear, but women, why is that ok (it’s not).

    • Hanglyman says:

      Exactly. Imagine it’s a guy in a Dora the Explorer-themed thong, instead. Not sexy. DISTURBING.

      • Nylund says:

        Different strokes for different folks.  Although, I think sexy men in Dora the Explorer outfits seems to be an exception to “rule 34.”

        • scav says:

          Dammit! You said its name. Now you have summoned it. And there are NO EXCEPTIONS to rule 34.

          • mysterymoil says:

            Antinous would disagree: “I could provide you with a remarkably long list of things that I’ve been unable to find despite extensive searching. On the other hand, I could provide you with a video of Smurfs fucking.”

          • Quiche de Resistance says:

            I’ll just leave this here….

      • welcomeabored says:

        Agreed… unless he has Dora’s magical, bottomless, multi-purpose backpack, and a talking monkey that only wears red boots.  Then I’d be inclined to cut him some slack.

      • MB44 says:

        Disturbingly awesome you mean? I know what I’m going  as this year!

    • C W says:

      It’s not sexy, but I don’t see how it’s creepy, even if it makes YOU uncomfortable. Tasteless, trashy, sure. But they have “sexy mustard bottle” costumes, they’ll sexualize any popular figure. Bert and Ernie aren’t children, but a grown, (mostly) happy couple of confirmed bachelors.

      • singrum says:

        Bert and Ernie are children’s icons- that the pedo part.

        • singrum says:

           Actually, it’s most insulting to young girls- telling them that THIS is how you get the boys (that you, in your plain jane way of being would never have a chance at talking to).

    • Nylund says:

      Too much silicon?  I think you’re vastly underestimating the progress mankind has made with the push-up bra.

    • jacklaughing says:

       Those aren’t children’s costumes.

    • Brainspore says:

      May I suggest, it’s not sexy? Maybe I’m just too old, but women with too much makeup, showing too much silicon…

      Sesame Streetwalkers?

    • Nathan G says:

      Hey! I saw this comment on geekologie! I’ll admit it doesn’t detract from the quality of the point though.

  8. Judas Peckerwood says:

    My childhood has now officially been destroyed.

  9. Brainspore says:

    I can’t believe they aren’t even offering “Sexy Cookie Monster” in plus-sizes.

  10. Ian Wood says:

    Murderous wenches! Killed them stole their clothes and are now wearing their skulls for hats.

  11. Chuck says:

    Now would you cheer or cry if they started making out?

    • scav says:

      The models, or Bert and Ernie? Cheer either way. The world needs more joyful expressions of affection and intimacy.

      Hate, callousness, revenge, cruelty and casual brutality are normalised in entertainment media but kissing can shock and disgust? Someone please explain how that is not clear evidence of widespread mental illness.

  12. deadbot says:

    I already had one comment removed by the moderator for the post about the Guy Fawkes mask. I won’t rise to the bait again that easily.

  13. Mister44 says:

    When did Halloween go from scarey to sexy?

  14. big ryan says:

    what’s with all the risque posts lately boing boing?

  15. mbransons says:

    Romney is a closeted big birder.

  16. kmoser says:

    “Sexy Bert and Ernie” is redundant.

  17. SoItBegins says:


  18. Snarf says:

    Why do they even bother? Why aren’t they just naked?

  19. wolfman_al2 says:

    Okay, this seriously hurts my brain.
    Why must there be a sexy costume version of everything?
    Seriously, a few weeks ago I saw a “Sexy Freddy Krueger” and a “Sexy Jason Vorhees” somewere. Those were at least horror themed, in other words somewhat appropriate for Halloween. But what the hell is it with “Sexy Chinese Takeoutbox”, “Sexy Nerd”, “Sexy Care Bear” (oh for F*cks sake…) and “sexy Twister Game”? What women with an ounce of self respect buy that? What weirdos design that crap?
    I think this is really going too far.

  20. Chentzilla says:

    A comprehensive list of the worst “Sexy” costumes:

  21. howaboutthisdangit says:

    This is what will look like if CPB loses its funding and the domain falls into evil hands.

    I wouldn’t mind, but we need to think of the children.

  22. ChickieD says:

    When I was in college one of the schools held an annual costume ball, which always had a theme. One year the theme was “strange bedfellows.” My two male pals went as Bert and Ernie and I went as the Bride of Frankenstein ( I think this was more of what I could throw together out of my closet than any commentary on Bert and Ernie). 

    Anyhow, I got VERY VERY drunk that night even before I went to the party. So drunk that for YEARS afterward people would come up to me and tell me about stuff I did that I had no memory of. “Remember that tree?” they’d say and I would scratch my head trying to imagine what they were talking about; thank god the guys I went with were super cool and kept me safe.

    Early on in the ball, I went to the ladies to throw up and my friend who was dressed as Bert came in with me to make sure I was okay. According to later reports, on my way out of the bathroom I was asking everyone loudly for directions to Sesame Street.

  23. I feel sick.  I love Bert and Ernie and this is just. . . ick.  Can we please go back to Halloween as scary and fun, not an excuse for pervs to get off.

  24. SummerFang says:

    I’m not judging, but Boing Boing is accepting advertising dollars from, the purveyors of the sexy themed costumes, yes? Are you posting this because you find it offensive of just a curiosity?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Advertising comes in vast sets of potential ads.  We don’t pick which ads show up.  If the subject of a post advertises via an ad platform that BB uses, it’s going to show up here.

  25. I am totally going to get the sexy ernie costume. I am a six foot tall two hundred pound man.

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