Amazing build of the Batcave using Lego

Our friends at Laughing Squid have lots of photos of this great Lego build of the Batcave. I like the dramatic lighting. Incredible LEGO Batcave Built Out of Over 20,000 Pieces


    1. SO COOL. Those guys are my heroes–especially with “carving” it out of LEGO bricks. SWEET.

      In other news–is BB sticking to blowing up the photos beyond the point of pixelation in posts, or is this something being worked on?

  1. There’s some fairly awesome work in the background, too.  I can’t tell if that Imperial Star Destroyer is Lego or not, but it looks like a thing of beauty.

  2. I always wonder how they plan and build things like this. Do they build a blueprint ahead of time to know exactly what pieces they need? Or do they just buy $20,000 worth of LEGO and make it up as they go?

  3. I’m actually more intrigued by the moon bus from 2001: A Space Odyssey over the left shoulder of the fellow on the right.  That’s some serious obscure love for a film!  

    (Also, the Bat Cave is of course awesome)

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