Cory in Evanston, IL tonight

Hey, Evanston, IL! I'll be at the Evanston Public Library tonight, on the final stop of the Chicago-area part of my Pirate Cinema tour (if you're coming, you can RSVP here). Tomorrow, I head to NYC for appearances at Comic-Con and WORD Books in Brooklyn (here's our video remix contest), and thence to Philly, Bethesda, Edmonton, and many other US and Canadian cities (here's the whole schedule). Be there, or be unprepared for the end-times!


    1. Hard to imagine MacMillan would schedule a stop that didn’t support sales…so I stepped back in time and [gasp] telephoned the library.

      Yes, there will be books for sale, but the Reader Services lady didn’t know if anything besides Pirate Cinema would be offered.

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