Fall of the Pumpkin People: a halloween walk-thru in Los Angeles

I admire artist gerG Maclaurin's work. His Ghost Phones exhibition at Maker Faire 2008 was one of my favorite attractions that year. This year, gerG is building a walk-through diorama experience in his backyard. Admission is going to be free. The project was fully funded on Kickstarter, but he is still accepting donations.

You'll walk thru my back yard which has been transformed into an abandoned field, then peer thru branches and weeds at the little buildings of the pumpkin people. Inside the buildings 2' tall pumpkins will be sitting and working, others will be waiting in the pumpkin health clinic, nursing their unfortunate wounds. One will be sitting at her boudoir, staring at a shattered mirror. There's dozens more scenes, and each is unique... the surgery suite... the knife sharpening shop…
Fall of the Pumpkin People: a new type of walk-thru diorama