Paul Ryan's Halloween costume: Kevin Rose circa 2006


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  1. Well, they’re both caucasian, both wearing hats, both using either headphones or earbuds, and both photographed in front of a colored background.

  2. But look beyond the superficial at their chosen metaphors: Kevin Rose is upbeat about the country’s economic prospects; Paul Ryan feels they’re a heavy burden.

  3. Mark Lee McDonald says:

    I don’t see it. One looks like a self-satisfied frat-boy douche, the other looks like Kevin Rose.

  4. David says:

    Well, I will never take Paul Ryan serious. (not that I ever would have) He looks more like Steve Carell.

  5. John Verne says:

    I had to Google both of those names.

  6. Rider says:

    The best Kevin Rose clone was the fianllyfast kid:

    And I think the point of this post is, they are clearly trying to superficially go for the young tech hipster demo. Not that they look like twins. 

  7. Brainspore says:

    It looks like either one could break out into bad upper-class-white-boy-freestyle-rap given the slightest provocation.

  8. saint_al says:

    Ryan looks like a pin-up boy for smugness. I would not buy a used car from him. 

  9. Does he not get how Halloween works?  That’s like a real Firefighter cheating and wearing his/her turnouts to a party.  Maybe he should have dressed as a giant Skeptic magazine.

  10. Daniel says:

    nice 8″ guns, Paul Ryan. frat boy fail.

  11. Maneki Nico says:

    [air guitar]

  12. quantize says:

    No costume required, the fact that this fundamentalist nightmare holds any kind of public office is frightening enough.. He should stick to the suit..its scary enough.

  13. Stephan says:

    This picture of Ryan scares the living hell out of me. It looks like he is in one of those switch movies where the son becomes the dad and the dad becomes the son.

  14. Jeremy Lusk says:

    I’m not seeing the Kevin Rose resemblance, but wow – that TIME article sounds like it was drummed by an intern at Cosmo: “Confusing the electorate is unwise, but according to Horton, confusing the muscles is a plus”

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