Pratchett's Dodger: Dickens by way of Discworld


11 Responses to “Pratchett's Dodger: Dickens by way of Discworld”

  1. egriff5514 says:

    Has anyone worked out what ‘tuppence more and up goes the donkey’ actually means? I’d google it, but might be NSFW

  2. TheKaz1969 says:

    I don’t need a review. It’s Sir Terry! I’ll buy it!

  3. pgt says:

    Its pterry: I’ll buy it!

    That said, Sweeney Todd is a fictional character, not historical.

  4. Purplecat says:

    American cover art still living down to its usual standards..

    And why the need for “NYT Best-selling Author” Surely PTerry has enough name recognition for that to be utterly superfluous.

  5. Halloween_Jack says:

    I hate to say this, as a huge Pratchett fan, but Snuff, his last Discworld book, was not up to his usual standard, even though it wasn’t bad at all. I’ll read this one too, but the expectations that I have for it will be similarly adjusted. 

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