Recording of a crying baby with the pitch dropped

Now we know what a concern troll sounds like! (Via Reddit)


  1. My friends and I did this in high school with an LP of sound effects set on 16RPM.  I can still remember how bad my belly hurt from laughing.

    1. No you didn’t do this.  You slowed everything down which made things sound lower but last muuuuch longer.  This, on the other hand is the correct speed, but with the pitch lowered.   HUGE difference.  (Ever wonder why Alvin and the chipmunks sound really high but are not singing at the speed of light?)
      /preaching about pitch vs. speed

  2. Thanks internet (and Mark). I’ve not laughed like that in a while! :)

    …meaning, it made me laugh… whatever… i’ll just go play the clip again

  3. It’s like a cross between someone laughing while trying to throw up.  Maybe on drugs too. 

    Interesting how the communication of distress appears to be so pitch-specific.  I wish that we could hear the “original” and compare.

  4. Fake. (You can tell by the pixels).

    But really, I’d have to hear the original baby to be convinced. 

    1. More like taking a dump after eating English.  Mexican food doesn’t make you constipated.

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