Trustworthiness of guitars poster


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  1. feetleet says:

    Damn it Prince, the gift was supposed to be from both of us!

  2. splashu says:

    Ouch, pretty harsh on the Parkers and Steinbergers. I agree with Deans being where they are though.

  3. Darren says:

    Where are all the BC Rich’s?

  4. mappo says:

    I like how amp stealers are two notches more repugnant than girlfriend stealers.

  5. WaylonWillie says:

    This would put Judas Priest firmly in the “girlfriend stealer” category. Is this appropriate? Much thought and futher research is necessary.

  6. Navin_Johnson says:

    Looks pretty accurate, although I’m sad to see Prince lumped in with all those cheezy guitars and the anonymous hacks who wield them.  Prince kind of exists in his own separate universe.

    • Halloween_Jack says:

       Frankly, putting a custom guitar easily identifiable with a well-known player (and one who’s undeniably brilliant, whatever you think of him personally) puts the maker of this poster in the douchebag category, IMO.

  7. feetleet says:

    Almost every song out of Nashville is about infidelity and alcoholism.  And indie’s big on irony.  So what exactly makes a Tele-player the knight of knights-and-knaves?  I mean, I play Tele, and I’m a dick.  

  8. cleek says:

    i see no evidence that Parker Fly advocate, Adrian Belew, is a Total Douchebag.

    and what’s that on the left? a strat with a PRS neck?

  9. Fornicus says:

    The douchiness of Parkers is rebutted by the Parker Fly’s most vocal proponent, Adrian Belew.

  10. My Firebird makes me a creep.  Does it count if I can’t really play it?

  11. for_SCIENCE says:

    Funnily enough, the guy who stole my pedals for drug money only played Deans.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      And yet somewhere out there is the thievin’ bastard who made off with my Telecaster.  Thanks to this chart, I assume he burns his fingertips every time he tries to play it.

  12. Chris Early says:

    I call bullshit. Roine Stolt is a profoundly decent human being and his axe is the reddest of the red, yet Ted Nugent is a complete dick and his Gibson is way up in Boy Scout land. WTF?
    And, BTW, Adrian Belew is so not a douchebag.

    • Navin_Johnson says:

       I think the tongue in cheek joke is that you may not be a douche, but will still look like one. The ones on the douchey side of the chart are kind of like the aesthetic version of what a Hummer is for automobiles.

    • conflator says:

      Ted Nugent’s douchiness must be counter-balanced by the likes of Dave Gilmour.

      It’s a fine line, but it’s good to maintain one’s optimism.

  13. wildemar says:

    Owning a 7-String makes you a repugnant individual. New Metal bands take note.

  14. I did not notice a Fender Resonator!  Must be off the scale to the right.

  15. pjcamp says:

    Beg to differ.

    Bo Diddly is not a douchebag and Albert King is not an amp stealer.

  16. soundslike says:

    Judging by the chart and my two main axes I’m a workingman’s hero who can be trusted with band money. Patently untrue but I feel kind of smug nonetheless.

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