A sister's advice: "You should toughen up a bit."

"You should toughen up a bit. Think about it. Just think about it," Gabriel's sister advises him. This is the cutest, and most awesome video I've seen all week. Uploaded by Lee O'Donoghue, whom I'd presume is a parent. (Thanks, Tara McGinley)


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  1. mtdna says:

    Say, isn’t he the victim in Charlie Bit My Finger?

  2. ChicagoD says:

    He’s mastered the art of completely ignoring someone lecturing him. That will serve him well through life.

  3. Shibi_SF says:

    Just wait until you’re 9 or 10… or possibly 8, kid.  Then you’ll see how fair these fights are.

  4. Funk Daddy says:

    As near as I can tell, by “toughen up a bit” she means he needs to exercise restraint by listening to his parents, not picking fights with things 3 times his size and age expecting others to attribute such behaviour to his youth, since he’s almost 3

    That is solid advice for a 2 1/2 year old boy.

    Wait until that other boy’s acorns have dropped and upper cut him down to size when you are 4 or 5.

  5. Mark Dow says:

    But it’s not fair.

  6. Brainspore says:

    “Christ—you’re nearly THREE for fuck’s sake. Stop acting like such a goddamned pussy.”

  7. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    Her adding, ” Are you taking the piss?”, Is in part two when the boy talks back….

  8. Bokonon says:

    This just warped my mind into some kind of a recursive algorithm. “Think about it”

  9. Thorzdad says:

     So, at the age of 2, he is essentially handed the instruction to “be a man” by a member of the opposite sex.



  10. plyx says:

    Oh British kid, I love you? Way to go British kid, way to go.

  11. I know it’s a cliche in America, but wow is it ever true that people with British accents just sound soooo  intelligent! Cute kids.

  12. Chandler Lewis says:

    The kicking of the legs, the 50-yard stare…  All of this should indicate to little Miss Lecture that he is, indeed, fucking thinking about it.  And I can tell by the look in this young man’s eye:  He will continue the fisticuffs until the Thunderdome is empty.

    And also:  Who’s videoing this jam?  What’s the deal with the set-up?  Dude was cornered.  This is perp-walk bullshit.  He deserves better.

  13. BarBarSeven says:

    I love this! Like a real life Charlie Brown & Lucy discussion. What would have made the analogy more perfect? I little boy sucking his thumb & holding a blanket walking up to the kid on the bench & making the •whhhh-chhhh* •whhhh-chhhh* whipping sound.

  14. kiptw says:

    I love hearing it when one kid explains something to another kid. And that girl is priceless. I wish there were kid actors in movies and TV with delivery that natural and unforced.

    I’m in a local “Sound of Music” cast at the moment, and we have some great kids, and I can’t help wondering why the major media can’t scare up children that good, let alone as natural as this one.

    • B E Pratt says:

       For an ensemble of just amazing little kid actors, watch ‘City of Lost Children’. It takes a wee bit of time to get over the thought of “where the hell did they find these kids?” while watching it.

    • rausantaella says:

      Maybe her delivery was so natural and unforced because it wasn’t an acting and as such it wasn’t forced.

  15. psulli says:

    This is the same lesson Lucy was always trying to teach Charlie Brown.

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