Cory at NY Comic-Con today

Hey, NYC! Start spreading the news, etc, as I'm appearing today and tomorrow at NY Comic-Con -- signing today at 1715h at Table 2, speaking Sunday at 10AM, and signing again at the Tor booth on Sunday at 3PM. I'll be at Brooklyn's WORD books on Monday night (today's the last day to submit your entry to the video remix contest!), before heading to Philadelphia, Bethesda, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Toronto, and Boston! Tell your friends! Here's the whole schedule.


  1. If you want to meet some happy mutants (the weirdos in my band) we will be playing at Double Down Saloon on Saturday night..

    1.  Thank you! I’ve got an 0-dark-hundred start on Sunday morning, so I’m afraid evening stuff isn’t in the cards. But thank you!

    1.  Not on this tour. I’m coming back out on tour in February with HOMELAND, the sequel to LITTLE BROTHER, and my publisher is going to tour me through the south/west coast then, to avoid the inevitable stuck-in-a-snowstorm February complications, so maybe I’ll make it then!

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