Eyeball the size of a softball washes up on a Florida Beach


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  1. snagglepuss says:

    “Eyeball The Size Of A Softball” headline posted directly above a “Halloweeen Appetizers” ad.


  2. Just_Ok says:

    Thatsa one sizey eyeball.
    It’s definitely from a see creature

  3. Chuck says:


  4. Boundegar says:


  5. Aaron Swain says:

    Obviously, the Kraken received a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, and now his mother’s greatest fear has come to pass.

    • When I was a kid I got one of those and my mother said, “You’re not going to be happy until you put someone’s eye out with that thing!” In defense of myself, I never did put out anyone’s eye. But to my mother’s credit, I never was truly happy.

      – I forgot who said that

  6. angusm says:

    This clearly calls for a modern-day Frankenstein to put together a composite creature out of all the stray body parts we find in the ocean. So far, we’ve got one enormous eyeball and about five or six left feet in running shoes – what else do we need?

  7. acerplatanoides says:

    Fool of a Took!

  8. How could it take them that long to figure out what the eyeball came from?  6 muscle insertion points makes it from a mammal. If its a vascular retina, then its a mammal…  Its probably from a fish, like a marlin as a squid iris is less round.  Ship that eye up to some vision scientists… like us.  :-)

    • Jeb Adams says:

       Oh Bryan, you and your “science” and “figuring things out” and “answering questions.” Can’t you see we are trying to call forth the Elder Gods? Ia! Ia!

    • Baz says:

      I think that’s what’s happening. There seems to be a waiting period though as the scientists who are asked to identify it might be very busy.

  9. Michael A says:

    Swordfish. Biiiiiiig female. Anatomically wrong for a whale or collossal squid.

  10. Just_Ok says:

    It could be from a seasquatch

  11. Sigmund_Jung says:

    Thank god they found it. I’ve been looking for it for days. Please return as soon as possible.

  12. ddh819 says:

    what does it taste like?

  13. redesigned says:

    huge eyeball = freaky.
    whatever ate thing huge eyeball came from = even freakier

    whenever i swim in the ocean i always think that human kicking legs make a great leviathan lure. :-)

  14. Brainspore says:

    It’s all good. Hz’krath’öloch the Doomgazer has thousands more where that one came from.

  15. peregrinus says:

    and that, kids, it’s why it’s a bad idea to take drugs from dealers in Miami.

  16. welcomeabored says:

    After Mt. Doom exploded, that’s all that was left of the Eye of Mordor.

  17. smut clyde says:

    According to the Standard Chart of Animal-eyeball / Sporting-code comparisons, softball eyeballs = Swordfish.
    Giant squid are basketballs; Colossal squid are soccer balls.
    Thus it is written in the prophecy.

  18. timquinn says:

    Oh my, it’s a shrunken Resident head.

  19. Daniel Griffin says:

    I’d bet a dollar it is a marlin eye, not a swordfish eye.  But the two are pretty similar.

  20. Robert says:

    Ask it a question and then shake it.

  21. Gruff Guano says:

    My bet is, Marty Feldman received a sea burial, back in ’82.

  22. Bob Webb says:

    Ew. Unicorn chaser?

  23. Another failed Adrian Veidt creation

  24. Ah, yes, this seems quite familiar …

    While I was walking down the beach one bright and sunny day,
    I saw a great big wooden box a’floating in the bay.
    I pulled it in and opened it up and much to my surprise,
    Oh, I discovered a (clap – clap clap) right before my eyes.
    Oh, I discovered a (clap – clap clap) right before my eyes.

        — Phil Harris, “The Thing”

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