Friday Freak-Out: Bob Luman and The Shadows perform "The Creep" (1957)

NewImageFriday Freak-Out: Bob Luman and The Shadows perform "The Creep" in the 1957 film Carnival Rock. A recording of the song can be found on the tasty-looking new release "The Beat From Badsville: Trash Classics From Lux and Ivy's Vinyl Mountain," being a compilation of songs found in The Cramps' record collection. The Beat From Badsville double 10" LP or MP3


  1. Obviously not the same Shadows that most of us know. Bob Luman had a great hit record called Let’s Talk About Livin’. One of my favorite songs.

    1. Correct. From Wikipedia:
      For the Hayride, Luman formed a backup band called the Shadows, including James Burton on guitar, James Kirkland on bass and Butch White on drums. In 1957, the band signed with Imperial Records, where they recorded “All Night Long” and “Amarillo Blues.”[1]

      That same year, the band appeared on the Town Hall Party in Los Angeles, and appeared in the movie Carnival Rock, where they backed up David Houston.[1]

  2. Wow! I didn’t know that besides being a film maker, a comedian and a musician that Woody Allen could dance too!?! Man, that cat can do it ALL, daddy-o!

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