Magical appliance turns hamburger meat into hot dogs


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  1. Brainspore says:

    That will be a nice addition to my hot dog grinder.

  2. Jesseham says:

    That just leaves the “who wants cheese?” question…

  3. James Harris says:

    It would be better to put a koobideh kabab in a hotdog bun

  4. Quiche de Resistance says:

    Wow.  You could cram pretty much anything into that mold.

  5. aka The Hamburdog:

  6. theophrastvs says:

    ok… but be ye warn-ed:  if thou makes hotdogs of ones hamburger one must forgo ketchup lest ye die. for what was once a friend of ketchup is now its foe.  sine-die

  7. mccrum says:

    Now I can finally stop rolling my own! Think of all the time I’ll save.

  8. omems says:

    When cooked, won’t they look like turds?

  9. saint_al says:

    Garbage in, garbage out. Most impulse buyers… er, customers, are probably unlikely to use it thrice and just go back to packs of H-dogs.

  10. Itsumishi says:

    Because altering the shape of mince meat is usually a really difficult task?

  11. Tim Smith says:

    Bill’s World Famous Cheeseburger at the Olympic Club in San Francisco has been serving these since the 50s.

    • mccrum says:

      And the secret ingredient is something you might not expect.
      “There’s no secret,” she said. “It’s us.”

      Bill’s World Famous Cheeseburger is people!

  12. septimar says:

    So it creates Dutch Frikandels?

  13. Randy Slavey says:

    These are a staple in my home town. Pack the beef full of Greek spices, bake in a special sauce, and pile on mustard, cheese and onions. Use to eat a half-dozen of these at a time in my youth. Now, more than one results in Fujiyama-level gastrointestinal calamity.

    Edit: more details about the shop that has been around for 75 years (

  14. Brett Coulthard says:

    If I only could find some ground beef that hasn’t been recalled…

  15. Corrosino says:

    Wow, Bob Dobbs was right.  Watching the slow implosion of our culture really *does* takes it’s toll on even the stoutest of minds… 

  16. sam1148 says:

    Almost as cool as the 70′s Hot Dog Cooker…called the “Hot Dogger”.

    You put the hot dog inbtween a set of electrode spikes…and then plugged it in. The current would flow between the hotdog and electrocute and cook them.

  17. EvilSpirit says:

    Greetings, space brothers. On my planet, we call such things “sausages.”

  18. Adela Doiron says:

    Oh just take a 50 cent length of PVC pipe; pack it full of meat and then push it out the end.

  19. chaopoiesis says:

    The trick to reading this post is to skip all the Boing Boing comments (including this one) and go directly to the Amazon customer reviews. 


  20. gpeare says:

    I’ll wait for the cornbread coated deep fried version on a stick.

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