Shuttle Endeavour transits Los Angeles this weekend, en route to her final resting place

NASA orbiter Endeavour is squeezing her way through tree-stripped streets of Los Angeles this weekend, en route to a permanent retirement home at the California Science Center.

Here's a Google Map of the route, with stopping points. Big shuttle is big. Bigger than the streets that must accommodate her. Basically, the whole thing is like the ultimate slow-speed car chase, but with fewer live news choppers overhead.

Above: BB reader Troy B. Asher caught Endeavour parked in a parking lot today. More of his pix here.


  1. It’s an old design, but you know… Every future orbital spacecraft [until anti-gravity is perfected] that by design must fly into space, and then maneuver thru a dense atmosphere and glide to a safe landing, will by necessity, look almost exactly like this.

    1. Nah, the Space Shuttle looks the way it does due to its cargo bay. Take a look at the Dream Chaser design. I don’t know how I feel about another space plane after the cost overruns with the Space Shuttle, but the Dream Chaser design is pretty kickass.

  2.  Yikes! for as much money as they’re spending on the move, they could have just built a new museum around the ship.

  3. I really really do and *really really don’t* want to drive out to see her on her final voyage tomorrow.  On the one hand; Hey!  Spaceship!  Brilliant!

    On the other, she’s in a bloody hearse, basically.  This is her going to her interment, where her gutted body will lay in state.

    I’d rather visit SpaceX and see the new babies, I think.

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