Whole Foods visits my house and we make a skateboard

Dark Rye, the online magazine for Whole Foods, came to my house this summer and shot a video of the stuff my daughters and I like to do. They've also included a downloadable version of bOING bOING #1 (published in 1989), and how-to instructions for a couple of projects.

Mark and Daughters in Dark Rye


  1. “The views expressed … are not necessarily those of … Dark Rye.”

    But they should be. Loved that.

  2. The only Thing cooler than a Kubelwagen is a Schwimmwagen!   But I have to admit undying loyalty to the Karmann Ghia, myself.

    1. I’m a Type 3 fan myself.  When well done the Ghia is nice, but just something about a Notchback that I find so “german”.

      1.  Well, have you seen the Type 3 Ghia then?  I prefer the appearance of the regular models, but there’s a totally cherry type 3 that I see around here once every decade or so.  The elderly gent who drives it brought it back from Germany on a cargo ship in the 60s.

  3. Lovin’ the VW love :)

    Never had a ‘classic’ like Mark’s, but I borrow my cousin’s bay-window camper when I can. My current ride is a ’01 Polo and my first car was a ’91 Golf (52BHP – imagine the power!)

  4. That is a beautiful VW Thing, Mark. It looks either restored or very well-kept. I’d like to know more about it. What’s on the odo? Any mods, or is it factory? Is it a restoration? How much? Is it a repaint? Reupholster?

    I’m not a big VW guy, but Things and Karmann Ghias will always be beautiful cars.

  5. I loved this article nearly as much as I love playing and working on projects with my daughter :) thanks Mark for making day’s a little more awesome.

  6. You have good taste Mark. I to have a 73 as well :). And it’s awesome to see a owner putting the windshield down even for a blog video :) There is great debate on whether or not it’s legal. But regardless the so cal weather is much better for them Things than in SF.  There is a good forum for VWs and Thing enthusiasts at http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewforum.php?f=8. Yours looks factory new, I’d love to see a complete VW restoration done on a junk yard derelict in Make someday.  Possibly one of the best cars for DIY folks.

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