Wikileaks "paywall" pisses off Anonymous

Ars Technica reports on the very! major! internet drama brewing between Anonymous and Wikileaks, who once were besties, over Wikileaks/Assange's recent decision to use a front door takeover ad demanding donations from anyone who wanted to access their newest dump. Here's the statement from Anonymous, or at least, some faction thereof.


  1. Anonymous reads like self righteous d-bags to me…I kind of support Anon efforts but I also understand that wiki is only doing this if they need money to operate…or pay J.A.’s legal bills…but this is just a turn off to support them for me. But then again they don’t want or need anyone’s supports. 

    Personally, I”m starting to see what Anonymous is…but bullies as much as anyone else. They are simply wielding a technological know-how “sword” that most don’t have…just like a rich a-hole who has money to get things done…they simply have the knowledge. 

  2. The problem with journalism like this is it presents Anonymous as a top-down organization, as if their CEO had “declared war” on Wikileaks.  It’s not.  This manifesto might be the work of a single teenager (with a great vocabulary.)  Also, Wikileaks’ paywall is the weakest, most porous “paywall” in the history of the internet.  It’s really nothing more sinister than a banner ad.  And Anonymous’ threat – to take their game elsewhere – is the weakest “declaration of war” ever.

    But at least Ars Technica gets plenty of page views, so that’s nice.

    1. the weakest “declaration of war” ever
      I don’t think annon were declaring war, rather they were declaring that they would cease supporting wikileaks.

    2. You just about nailed it with your analysis, methinks.
      But I won’t check out the /b/ boards to see how much traction this is getting, I’ve bumped into some truly effed up images there that cannot be unseen.  Animal cruelty pictures.  I’m never going there again.

  3. I understand it’s not a technical pay wall, but it is a little insulting to the people that put themselves at risk to safely leak info. I mean, it went from one gatekeeper to the next. As the above poster asked.. is there anywhere to leak info if you actually want it to see the light of day before you die (under non suspicious circumstance)?

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