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12 Responses to “Autumn: Spaghetti-harvest time”

  1. xkot says:

    People are so easily duped. The Swiss climate simply can’t produce spaghetti of such uniformity and quality. Any Swiss chocolate grower could tell you that.

  2. Narmitaj says:

    Richard Dimbleby really was a super-big & very authoritative broadcasting cheese for the BBC, at a time when there were only one or two channels: entrusted with commentating on Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and the funeral of her father and of Winston Churchill and JFK. As a war correspondent he went on RAF missions over Germany and was at El Alamein and D-Day, and one of the first at Belsen. So he had gravitas.

    Two of his sons, David and Jonathan, still broadcast on TV and radio, mostly Election Night coverage and political Q&A programmes.

  3. Mike Richards says:

    The BBC still occasionally produces April Fool’s programming. Like this one about flying penguins:


    They have also on a couple of occasions dropped drama programmes masquerading as factual into the schedules without warning most of the audience what was about to happen. 

    The most famous being ‘Ghost Watch’ a supposedly serious live investigation of the paranormal fronted by several well-respected faces at the BBC. The BBC switchboard nearly melted when things seemed to go all ‘Paranormal Activity’ long before that movie was dreamt of.

  4. Xeni’s mention of Panorama may lead some people to think it was a TV program that aired only in 1957. It is in fact still alive and well, and approaching its 60th anniversary. It’s the world’s longest-running current affairs television program. As far as I’m aware it no longer pulls April Fool stunts, however.

  5. Ladyfingers says:

    This was rebroadcast in the ’80s  when I was a small kid. Totally fell for it.

  6. AlecMuffett says:

    Earlier this year I tracked down the location where the hoax was filmed; unfortunately there is only limited Streetmapping in the area so I couldn’t get a closeup of the actual building:  http://dropsafe.crypticide.com/article/6772 

  7. Finnagain says:

    As God is my witness, I thought penguins could fly! 

  8. moioci says:

     They really can, just underwater.

  9. DonnyMac says:

    I might be movin’ to Montana soon. Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss.

  10. Thad says:

    Panorama was not a “show” — it was a serious current affairs program. 

  11. Mark Horn says:

    When I was a child I saw this on the Jack Paar show. At the end, they revealed it as a hoax, with a deeper hoax, showing miners with a wagon of spaghetti, saying something to the effect of: Of course, this is a joke, we all know that spaghetti is mined.