Metal circle template


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  1. Over the River says:

    Very nice and the Web site has great instructions and project ideas. $29

  2. Boundegar says:

    Alien brass knuckles.

  3. V. Brenner says:

    Makes a dandy pasta measurement device as well.

  4. flappy says:

    I just use one circle and stand farther and farther away.

  5. Damon Haidary says:

    You know what else makes perfect circles? A compass. $5 on Amazon.

    • Jeff Burka says:

      Clearly you’ve never used a sail maker’s hot knife to cut synthetic fabrics. Also, you can save money on a compass with a couple of pencils and a piece of line. But that doesn’t help with the hot cutting either.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      A compass is not a cutting guide. Nor is a compass particularly useful for hand drafting since you can’t manipulate your ink or lead like you can when using a drawing tool through a template.

      • Ang says:

        You can easily mod a compass to use a Sharpie marker or an Exacto blade. I’ve also seen a wicked one with a superstrong magnet & ball/joint socket where the point would normally be and a metal scribe where the pencil would be for drawing circles on metal. The dude who made that one was a little bit of a mad scientist type, though. :)

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          When you’re doing fine drawing or drafting with pencil or ink, you frequently need to rotate your pen/pencil to maintain consistency of line weight.  When you’re cutting with an Exacto blade, you may need to make pressure adjustments as you cut because the blade will be getting duller as you go.  You can’t do that if it’s strapped to a compass arm.

  6. Marky says:

    Very nice. I wish it had crosshairs etched in for centering, rather than just one line.

    • Timothy Elverston says:

      Hi Marky,Thanks for the feedback.  As you can imagine, we looked at a lot of possibilities.  We found that actually putting cross marks on each circle makes the design cluttered, and more difficult to read.  Centering is actually quite simple, as seen about halfway down the About page.  Hope this helps.

  7. Ladyfingers says:

    I’m actually surprised there isn’t an expanding metal hoop option, like one of those hose clamps. 

  8. bruce_a14 says:

    Clamp a Vise-Grip on the edge, dip in bubble-blowing solution, hand to kids.

  9. Halo Adonais says:

    Really? 20 years in the business and they had never seen one of these?

    • Philip Chase says:

      The circular OD for each circle simplifies alignment with other concentric circles.  Aluminum would draw the heat away from the hot cutter.  This is more than just a series of circles cut into metal.  

  10. James Mapes says:

    If people are looking for metal patterns, the theatrical industry uses a product called a gobo, which is just a stainless steel or aluminum pattern that’s inserted into a theatrical light to make a pattern onstage. Not a lot of variation in terms of sizes (there are industry standards) but huge number of shapes and patterns.

    Apollo, Rosco, and Great American Market (GAM) are the main manufacturers. 

  11. Mike Meyer says:

    OK, so how long will it be before the TSA confiscates one of these thinking it’s some sort of brass knuckles?

  12. Scott Seibel says:

    Not only do you get seven circles, but a bonus dorsal fin template in the middle!

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