Some highlights from NY Comic-Con

I'm at Comic-Con for the Pirate Cinema tour. Here's some highlights from yesterday's brief excursion on the floor:

An Occupy Ankh-Morpork protester at Terry Pratchett's signing for Dodger.

Star Trek: TOS bathrobes! (Speaking as a serious loungewear enthusiast, I have this to say: PHWOAR). Available from Amazon and ThinkGeek.

Some folks from RedBubble were showing off this spiffy Alex DeOrange tee, designed by R-evolution GFX.

AMAZEBALLS! Daniel Kraus's stupendous graverobber novel Rotters is out in paperback!

The wonderful Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal folks were out in force, with individually wrapped lubricated monocles, sold in condom packages.

You can see all my pics from NYCC in my Flickr stream (I'll be adding more today and tomorrow). Today I'm doing Author Spotlight on the Unbound Stage at 12 o'clock, and then signing books at the Tor Booth (#920) at 3PM.


  1. Not sure why you’d want your monocle lubricated. Wouldn’t it:
    a) Fall out more easily
    b) Be all smeary to look through?

    1. It might be more of a saline solution like contact (the eye kind) cleaner.

      But I do say the condom style packaging is a little er, interesting.

  2. Please grab a shot of any efforts there to save City of Heroes!  (Might be #savecoh tags or flyers.)

  3. Star Trek Bath Robes are also available at the Boing Boing Shop:

    1. What no love for the Empire? I’m not making that up right, the black one to the left of the TOS robes in the article photo is the symbol of imperial forces in Star Wars?

  4. When was the picture of the queue for Sir Pterry taken? I only ask because he was supposed to be at the Cheltenham Literary Festival today, but he cancelled supposedly at the last minute, and the bookshop staff were talking up how on his last legs he was.

      1. Just a scheduling conflict, then, and not Pterry about to disintegrate. Glad to hear it. I suspect that young bookshop employee figures all us forty-plus-year-olds are at Death’s door.

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