Stone tools with plastic handles


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  1. MatthewKrohn says:

    I’d be more impressed by a Clovis point!

    I kid.

    Really, that’s a cool idea.  Some beautiful flints, I like the gray one.

  2. I’d hazard a guess they’re not terribly practical. /me picks a stone-chip out of his teeth after preparing dinner with them.

    • acerplatanoides says:

       I’m not sure I would cut a roast with them. Also not sure they’re dishwasher safe.

      All depends what sort of tool you imagine them to be. I think they’re a communications tool. And a great work.

      • How do you use a stone knife and axe for communication? Bludgeon somebodies skull in to make a point?

        • acerplatanoides says:

          Art. This particular art has edges.

        • cdh1971 says:

          Well, if you have a desk and have subordinates, you can display these on your desk within easy reach. I think that one can make the argument that this is art and merely an office decoration and not a weapon. 

          Should work equally well for educators and clergy. 

          Pic below is me at an office brainstorming session. So rewarding. (click to enlarge.)

    • Would be a great camping knife though.

    • iread2 says:

      Have you ever held a stone knife? I have. Obsidian blades are often as sharp as a scalpel.

      • Yeah, unless you use them, in which case they become really dull really quick. I’ve had my schooldays stoneage excursions. And sharpening them isn’t like something you just do. It’s like, you know, a hard-won skill, the kind that you do if you spend your live living in, oh I don’t know, the stone age.

  3. bcsizemo says:

    A little too modern for my taste.  If you are going to use plastics at least make the handles more ergonomic/comfortable.

  4. inkfumes says:

    “Then he took his stone knife and skinned the heifer, and cut off a piece of fat meat. When he had done this, he said, “Why should I take your knives? The Ruler has given me something to cut with.” – Curly Chief –  Pawnee, ca. 1860

  5. iread2 says:

    That humans and proto-humans thrived using stone tools for millions of years is something to ponder. 

  6. Tribune says:

    I wonder what the TSA would make of these?

  7. the_engineer says:

    turn the stone into obsidian then the terrorists will have a field day on airplanes.

    Just another example of how “airport security” is such an oxymoron.

  8. Wayne Dyer says:

    What happens when the wrong end of an implement gets the innovation.

  9. Sum One says:

    Retro fetishism at its finest.

  10. edthehippie says:

    neo-pagan , almost definitionally so !!
     : honourific do repeat  infinity , end of tape or untill   ” we are an old people , we are a new people , we are techno-pagan people , better than before , stronger than before  ” ; ( as musical  round )

  11. babVU98i says:

    I watched a guy flake chert speartips and arrowheads once as part of an undergrad anthopology course. Then we got to try.  It is not an easy thing to do.  Flint knapping, he called it.

  12. amok69 says:

    I’m sorry to say that Ami Drach passed away on September 5th in his house in Tel-Aviv from cardiac arrest, leaving behind a wife and three daughters. Among his many accomplishments was heading the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, from 2004 to 2008. He will be missed by all that have had the opportunity to cross paths with him.

  13. scav says:

    I want to be buried with one of these to mess with future archaeologists. I also want to spend the last few years of my life eating food grown in a greenhouse supplied with CO2 made from limestone, so I carbon date as living in the Cretaceous.

  14. not practical, but striking.  It’s a shame that pretty high quality industrial design/implementation in the plastic parts is framing points that are little better than rocks banged together.  Just imagine the same handles on something like this”

  15. Thad says:

    … functionality coincide on a tangible scale.

    It was looking good until I read the write up. What utter bollox!

  16. Mary Floyd says:

    Don’t worry about the terrorists. They won’t read these nerdy comments.

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