The harvesting of ukelele strings

"Ever wondered where ukulele strings come from? This recently-discovered, hitherto-unseen archive film may date back decades, but is as true today as it's ever been." From Litmus Films. Update: as commenters have noted, it's a riff on this 1950s classic.


    1.  The tattoos are soo 1960’s, eh.  And the dust/scratches are all perfectly circular…

      Everyone knows that ukelele strings are harvested from cat trees.

  1. I haven’t seen the video, which I would assume has some sort of credits for the production crew, cast and etc.

    I would have to see if the original film was credited to decide whether or not the video is an homage/reinterpretation to the original, or ripoffey. If they omitted credit for the original it should be a simple fix.  

  2. The chap says temporary, not temp’rary, so we know it’s not authentic 1950s BBC English. That secondary stress on the third syllable is always a dead giveaway, that. Apart from the vowels of course. The vowels are all wrong. Chap sounds like a tradesman pretending to be posh, don’t’ch’know.

  3. I find it interesting that this gets called a “riff” when other people have been denounced for similar work without giving credit to the original creators. 

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