Pink Gipper

More fine housewares/gift ideas from New York Comic-Con: Frank Kozik's pink bust of Ronald Reagan. Only 50 were made! Sold by Clutter Magazine.

Clutter Exclusive PINK Gipper/Reagan Bust By Frank Kozik


  1. For those who might find the life-sized bust intimidating, similar ones are available from the same artist in four-inch size from KidRobot. Also available are Lenin, Khomeini, Kim Jong-un, and Castro in similar states of caricature for just $10:

  2. A few of these sans shoulders on pikes, and I’ll have the scariest yard in the county for Halloween.

    1. To me it signifies a zombie Reagan lovingly resurrected from the dead by FOX “News” watchers and other idiots that get their monolithic info-diet via conservative radio shows.  But, it goes terribly wrong for them because Reagan is brought back from Hell (where he belonged) and now undead Reagan is desperately trying to right the wrongs of his past life so Gawd will let him out of Hell (where he belonged).

      Zombie Reagan goes from right wing radio station to right wing radio station trying to find brains to eat, but finds none.

      1. Indeed. I had the creepy experience of meeting Charlie’s protégé Squeaky Fromme in the mid-70s, and she also sported a stylish X on her forehead. A few days later, she tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford… a nice tie-in to this bust of Ronnie

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