Awesome NYCC panel: Comics Pros and Film Buffs - When Fanboys Collide


4 Responses to “Awesome NYCC panel: Comics Pros and Film Buffs - When Fanboys Collide”

  1. Max Clifton says:

    When Fanboys Collide? Good thing girls don’t read comics or watch the movies based on them *headdesk*

  2. License Farm says:

    All the exterior shots for “How To Murder Your Wife” were filmed on the block on which I was raised, albeit 10 years before I was born. Also, it’s a remake of an Italian romp with the same female star, who was Italian but was playing a Greek.

  3. kiptw says:

    The first thing I know about Tashlin, and I hope it will be the last thing I forget, is his wonderful book, The Bear that Wasn’t. It’s my favorite book, and I scanned my copy. There’s also a link to the Dover reprint ($2.50!!).

  4. NelC says:

    Interesting technique that Stanley Ford has. I wonder how many comic book artists would find it a help to draw from photos of the action they’re trying to depict? Or even photos of real humans, rather than the rubber-spined chimirae of their imaginations.

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