Cats free-falling from space

Created by combatcameraman on b3ta. Felix the cat! (Via: Thanks, Tara McGinley)


  1. It’s a little-known fact that terminal velocity for a cat is only about 10mph, which is why they gracefully land on their feet.  The reason is because their fur gives them an effective fractal surface area of over 38 square miles, which is more than the biggest parachute.

  2. In real life, of course, one would want to provide kitty with a pressure suit so it doesn’t freeze/asphyxiate/etc. during the initial phase of the decent — which would then automatically come off to allow kitty to plummet the final 10,000 feet or so au naturale to a softish landing.

    Provided, that is, that kitty were dead-set on doing something this crazy!

      1.  This brings to mind an interesting question.  How does the sensitivity of cats to high altitudes compare to that of humans?  I would expect all mammals to be similar.

    1. And all those race drivers sponsored by Bud Light probably don’t drink Bud Light during races.  So phony….

      1. LOL, yeah. I could never get over the irony of beer companies sponsoring racing. Plus, I would hope those drives have enough cash to actually buy some GOOD beer. Bud Light… patoeeee!

  3. All I know is that I am enjoying watching this while listening to “A Great Canopy of Smoke” by Anduin that was presented a few articles above.

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