Ceramic subwoofer


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  1. kartwaffles says:

    Not sure if my home can handle the earth-shattering power of a 50 watt subwoofer.

    • jerwin says:

      The Ceramic Subwoofer extends your system’s frequency response down to 40 Hz. While you will physically feel bass-heavy music, you’ll also notice new richness in vocals and acoustic instruments. The sound is neither boomy nor aggressive, but a balanced completion of the Ceramic Speakers.

      You don’t really need a lot of power to fill a room with 40 Hz. 

  2. SedanChair says:

    I don’t think he’s really making them, though. I’ve never received anything I’ve ordered from Joey Roth, though he certainly saw fit to process my CC.

    • EH says:

      I believe that is an act that can remove his ability to process future CCs.

    • David Davion says:

      Yes, you should double check with Joey Roth that your order wasn’t missed somehow.  Then, after your due diligence, call your CC company, they’ll take care of you. It’s one of the few GOOD things about CCs

      • SedanChair says:

        I’ve had a running conversation with him for over a year now. He always promises to deliver my poster, then disappears. I gave up on the idea that I would get my money or a poster long ago, but I do make a point of posting my experience whenever he gets a mention.

        Update: Joey Roth has located my order and email history and contacted me. Resolution appears to be in progress.

        • Joey Roth says:

          Please contact me directly about this. I checked, and have no record of a running conversation with you. When someone orders my products, the credit card they use is processed immediately by Paypal and then we immediately ship the product. We have shipped thousands of products to customers throughout the world, and while issues do come up from time to time, we resolve them. I am happy to send another poster or provide you with a refund. Please email me directly: joey@joeyroth.com

  3. Ladyfingers says:

    Ugh, why would you spend that kind of money on speakers that are designed with literally no actual adherence to even basic acoustic engineering?

    For well under the grand these are priced at you could buy a bar-fridge-sized 15″ Hsu sub that goes down below 20Hz. I know these speakers look cool or whatever, but just looking at them there’s no way in hell these sound even close to good.

  4. ganesha71 says:

    kinda reminds me of Norh speakers which are made of marble or wood. 

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