Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy Lab

Here is the latest Doctor Dreadful toy, the Alien Autopsy Lab, created by my friend and MAKE magazine columnist Bob Knetzger. When those hoaxers created the fake alien autopsy video, did they ever think that it would be the inspiration for a kids toy?

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  1. I always forget how binary toy commercials can be until I actually watch one. Why are the girls always freaked out in these commercials? Why can’t there be a little girl hanging out in the lab eating gummy guts with the boys? 

    1. Stereotypes seem to be the Language of Advertising. 

      Of course, the L of A does change but I wonder how long we’ll wait to see this sort of gender stereotyping go away. It has really become less obvious, but is it just me or has it become better camouflaged and more clever…insidious?  

      Of course, it’s not like we can make aeons of history and cultural practices change instantly. And yes, I understand and appreciate the ‘Difference’. Viva to It and all of that.


      What are little boys made of?
      What are little boys made of?
      Slugs and snails
      And puppy-dogs’ tails,
      That’s what little boys are made of.
      What are little girls made of?
      What are little girls made of?
      Sugar and spice
      And everything nice,
      That’s what little girls are made of.
      (Copypasta from Wikipedia.)

  2. Sure, girls are the obvious casting choice to go “ooooh, gross!” in this kind of commercial but as it turns out girls actually enjoy Doctor Dreadful food toys as much as boys.  Look again:  a boy is the first one to be grossed out (he says; ‘NO!”) …and at the end of the commercial after they’ve made gross looking but fun tasting creations, both the boys AND THE GIRLS are in on the fun and laughing together. The girls ARE hanging out in the lab.

  3. WE are assuming that the Grays are:

    1) intelligent enough to recognize that our children are NOT regularly cutting open their children and eating their internals


    2) not offended by the toy’s depiction of the same

    because if not

    3) the probings will increase in violence and frequency.

    1. Yeah, but only against children, and I think we’ve already got laws against that sort of thing, so it should all be OK.

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