Lies writers tell themselves

#2. All you need to be a writer is talent. [The Awl]


  1. 22. People enjoy titles which start with numbers written using digits rather than letters.

    /one of my pet peeves.
    //Shrunk and White doesn’t discuss this…and I can’t find my ‘Elements of Canadian Style’.

    1. As far as I remember, you write number above nineteen as digits, while all those less than 20 with letters.  Unless, of course, you’re beginning a sentence.  In which case, you ALWAYS use letters.  Unless you’re a newspaper.  ;-)

  2. I’m a journalist and the rules I’ve always been been told to follow are 10 and above use digits, nine and below it’s  letters. I think the conventions are different depending on what you are doing. Plus this is the internet, which is a pretty lawless land.

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