NES controller door for a games-room

Redditor Fredeev did a smashing job painting the door to his or her game-room as a giant NES controller. I like the (current) top comment, from starving_troll: "the next step is to add actual buttons so that you door automatically unlocks if you enter the konami code."

I custom painted the door to my game room, what do you guys think? (


  1. I find this cultural obsession with the Konami code to be a little bizarre — I mean, it was a great inside joke back when NES was the thing. But lately I keep seeing it in more and more strange places, and at times it feels like “the konami code” is treated as synonymous with retro-gaming in general.  I have been getting the feeling that marketers and their ilk are trying to hook into retrogaming nostalgia via the Konami code, which feels a bit like advertisers using provocative images to get people to click through.

    Am I just being overly GOML, or does anyone else feel similar?

    1. not sure what GOML stands for, but contextually, yes you are.  then again, i’ve never seen it used in marketing, usually it’s a geek somewhere on the backend throwing in a cultural flag on the play so to speak.  Like the discordian calendar converter bundled with every linux kernal.    Wouldn’t be the first time a marketing geek missed the point and tried to tag in though, where’ve you been seeing it?

      1.  “Get Off My Lawn” as in “You kids get off my lawn!”, yelled while waving your cane and sitting in a rocking chair on your front porch.

        I.e. crotchety, and intolerant of “young people” and their “new-fangled ways”.

    2. Like Ender, I see it more like “code switching” – sending a “secret” message to other old-skool gamers. It’s one of those things you can use to say “one of us! one of us!”

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