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7 Responses to “The Stratos jump, in LEGO”

  1. trackofalljades says:

    The video is fantastic, but did anyone else find the audio samples taken from Collateral Murder a little disturbing?

  2. anansi133 says:

     I think you mean 1:35 scale. That’s the standard size of a Lego minifig.

  3. Well, the notes from the original video posters say 1:350…

  4. s2redux says:

    In addition to this Lego-liciousness, the obligatory jumpin’ kitteh gif; now the follow-up documentation is complete.

  5. allium says:

    And then he got stepped on by a parent.

  6. Amelia_G says:

    Hilarious video! The Vienna Model Makers Fair is hard to find online. Modellbau-Messe Wien, online at http://www.modell-bau.at fwiw.