Zynga sues own employee for stealing "trade secrets"


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  1. the snake eats its own tail

  2. CaptainPedge says:

    So the headline should read “Zynga sues former employee because they believe he stole trade secrets”

  3. GawainLavers says:

    Hah! Well put.

    Penny Arcade on the subject.

  4. Nick Weaver says:

    I actually skimmed/read the complaint, since the article actually included it (YAY!)

    The allegation is that the now ex-employee, on his last day of employment, gathered 700+ internal Zynga documents and dumped them into his dropbox account, then tried to erase the evidence, including pretty detailed information on what worked to extract revenue in CityVille, new games in development by Zinga, all executive level email, etc…

    If they have the forensics to back up the claim, its really an open-and-shut case, and their employee is a slimy scumweasle who should never work in the industry again.  Its crap like this that causes employers to try to insert noncompete clauses.

    And cute comment, but there is a gag order on the PARTICIPANTS, but not on anyone not involved in the case.  So we can look at the app store all we want, to see what Zynga will rip off next.

    • mccrum says:

       If you’re dropboxing on your last day, you are a total dumbass and deserve what happens to you.

      • elix says:

        If you’re dropboxing on your last day without using appropriate proxy software and encryption to make it impossible to know what the fuck you sent to where, just that a bunch of data left your machine, you’re going to suffer the consequences of playing that game.

    • oldtaku says:

       Soooo… basically he was acting like a model Zynga employee. I thought scumweasel was in the list of resume keywords they look for.

  5. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

  6. Jason says:

    Sooo… Zynga is suing the guy because they’re worried that somebody will try to rip off their ideas… the irony is killing me haha

  7. Ivan Kirigin says:

    I’m not sure why there is a negative tone about this. Trade secrets are a great way to let a company retain the value of its work without requiring copyright or patents. This employee has a contract in place with the company to not divulge information. It is obvious it doesn’t apply to anyone without such a contract.

    Also, it seems like this underestimates what actually makes zynga games good. People on the thread act like copying a game mechanic or theme is bad. Considering almost every FPS is identical, I find this odd. No, what makes them compelling as a business is their strategies around premium content, re-engagement, social features, viral flows, etc.

    Whether that is applied to a farm sim or a city sim, it doesn’t matter.

  8. awjt says:

    Oh boy, this is going to be painful.

  9. Repurposed says:

    It appears he took a memo with:
    1.) Repackage games from indie developers
    2.) ….
    3.) Profit

  10. Paul Baxter says:

    I know many people are confused by the fact that “no one” is two words rather than one, but I’ve never seen it with a hyphen before.

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