Albrecht Dürer's Young Hare on Google Art Project


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  1. wysinwyg says:

    Duhrer proving once again that he is the all-time master of using tiny, fiddly little lines to create works of great beauty.  I’m constantly startled by the realism of his prints and engravings.  example Look at all the tiny lines then consider the fact that he made dozens of these print blocks of comparable detail.  And apparently he was a hell of a painter too.

  2. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    I can’t imagine having that much patience.  Was he going off of memory or imagination or a stuffed rabbit?  Couldn’t possibly have been a live one and still captured those details.

  3. knoxblox says:

    Sadly, despite the time and effort spent on the project, and due to the staggering amount of competition for views on Der Etsy, Durer had to reduce the price of this magnificent work from 1 Ducat down to 3 Groschen. Seems it also wasn’t “whimsicle” enough.

    Seriously, the man had some determination and skill. It appears he put in his 10,000 hours and then some.

  4. More zoom, please.

    The Botticelli Venus detail available online is quite amazing.

  5. pKp says:

    I love Google Art Project ! It’s one of these Google products that were forgotten too soon. Having hi-rez images of these masterpieces is just absolutely fantastic.

  6. robcat2075 says:

    Even the whiskers have directional shading on them.

    Maybe he could have sold it for more if the rabbit had been praying.

  7. Martin Rusis says:

    Ahhh, Durer … however I want to see his engraving of this famous olde worlde folk devil.

  8. boloid97 says:

    You know what else is zoomable?  A single large, downloadable image.   But that would be silly.

  9. noah django says:

    Durer was such a boss

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