Photos of untidy home offices

Geeklogie uncovered this photo gallery of home offices in need of tidying up.


      1. That was my thought, too, but then I checked out the pictures… and… urgh, I found the keyboard. Gag!!! I need to go scrub my eyes, they were seriously contaminated. Urgh, gag!!!!

      1.  The whole imgur album is just a collection of reposts that have been passed around 4chan’s /g/ board for ages.

  1. ….why are so many of them in crawl spaces? Like seriously… W.T.F.!!!?
    Also, “Oh god. That keyboard. Holy fuck. No.”

    And, and, and, and, … I’ve seen Hoarders enough times to know what that gross looking garbage can beside the desk was covered with; hint – it ain’t chocolate.

  2. Just when you start to feel bad about yourself, something like this comes along.  Speaking of “Oh god.  That Keyboard.  Holy fuck. No.” . . . I think I spotted a couple of multipurpose keyboard/ashtrays.  I would think that the person with all of the cigarette butts in front of their keyboard would be easy to spot on the street:  look for the forearms covered in ash stains.

    1. These things always make me think of the kitchen in Withnail and I, a film visual that fills me with the same kind of horror that most people get from the Alien chest-burster or the eye-slashing in Un Chien Andalou.

          1. Did you mean to reply to Hugo Stimson?

            I think there’s a happy medium between squalor and spotless austerity.

          2. Weird.  I was looking at the context from the back side and it lopped off the top level comment, changing the whole subthread.

  3. This is where that improved version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comes from. The one with “INTERNET” scrawled across the bottom, underneath food, air etc

  4. Ok. Some of these people look like squatters, impoverished people, or homeless people making the best of it. Some look like people with little furniture. Hasn’t everyone had at least one point in there life where they had a computer on a box on the floor? The one with the bed setup, home-made rack mounting, and cat actually looks like a clever down-to-basics type of person with little aesthetic sense. 

    And the rest look like hoarders and scenes from my worst nightmares. Oh the horror of all that rotting food and…. bottles of pee? Cigarette ash? I feel ill. How could you put your hands on there to type? How how how? I need gloves just looking at it. “Oh god. That Keyboard. Holy fuck. No.”

    1. I agree, whilst some of these are “oh god that’s fucking disgusting how can people live in such filth” plenty of others are more like “ok, there’s a tidy room without much furniture”.

      The one of the bed and rack, I’m guessing that is someone with a serious back problem or other health reason. That’s plain ingenuity.

    1. It was also on Fark a couple days back, 
      4Chan < Reddit < Fark < BoingBoing.
      It's like a dirtier Human Centipede.

  5. The monitor almost eclipsed by post-its is actually part of a series of miniatures called “Barbie Trashes Her Dream House.” It’s dang impressive. 

  6. I’m glad my room doesn’t look like that… Yessiree no mounds of empty Canada Dry bottles here…

    “Hey! Who filled the recycling bin with Canada Dry bottles?!”

    Whoops, gotta go!

  7. My house is as bad if not worse.  I am sitting next to a pile of pizza boxes taller than me.  If I shake the pile, roaches run out.

  8. Somebody really likes their Mountain Dew in other-brand bottles.

    That *is* Mountain Dew, isn’t it?

    Oh, and also, “Oh god. That keyboard. Holy fuck. No.”

  9. First reaction:  *Shudders*

    Then my leg bumps into the full-to-the-brim five-gallon bucket of sunflower hulls.  Quitting smoking leaves the keyboard tidier, but is gonna kill me with sodium poisoning……

    Garbage night tonight.

    1. The school bus looks pretty tidy actually.  Covered in a thick layer of grime, but still tidy.  At least not full of bottles or urine, liquor boxes and cigarette butts and ash.

  10. The anime otaku dungeon actually looks ok to me…at least it’s organized and not covered in filth.  The ‘GET OUT’ and other illegible wall scrawlings add a certain noirish aspect that I can appreciate…

    But some of the others…Holy Mary Mother Of God: that’s some impressive foulness right there.

    Empty your goddamn ashtrays!!!  And…locate a drain. Ugh.

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