Virtual comic book newsstand displays all the comics on the rack for any given month and year

Ruben Bolling alerted me to this cool website. You enter a month and year, and it will return a page of thumbnail images of all the comic books that were available on newsstands for that month. Above, a few of the comic books available in February 1973, the month that I first became seriously interested in comic books, mainly because I discovered Jack Kirby's Kamandi.


      1. Huh, I think they ran a Machine Man story once as the backup strip to the Marvel UK Transformers comic in the mid-eighties, don’t remember much about it though. Might have to dig it up and take another look.

    1.  Yep–comics’ best cosmic cartoonist (sorry, Starlin) riffing off of the original cosmic movie (Kirby also did the official adaptation of Kubrick’s movie).

  1. Checked the year I was born. Had NO idea comic books like that were being sold then. Very cool. Thanks Boing Boing. Looking at that site could become addictive. The artwork is so cool :)

  2. Pretty neat–for mine, many of the Marvel titles are still in single or low double digits, and Kirby seems to be drawing four or five of them, although maybe he’s just doing covers for some of them (Ditko is still on Spider-Man). In the meantime, Curt Swan is drawing Superman about the same way that he would be two decades later.

  3. Strange trip…Spiderman wasn’t around until a few more months, the Marvel revolution hadn’t happened yet, really. It was a fun ride for a seven-year old, to see things start and then change so massively in just a few years. Ditko was the only Spidey artist for me for years after. Kirby blew everything away, back then visually, too. DC was left behind in the dust, and never really caught up, I think, altho I had faves of theirs, too. I really loved Herbie Popnecker and Fatman comics.

  4. Love stuff like this. I also got a search for anything (including years) at Cover Browser, for instance, try

  5. I like the 20-cent cover prices. I eventually had to give up comics due to rising prices and I still miss them.

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