NYCC Interview: Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, creators of The Venture Bros.


9 Responses to “NYCC Interview: Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, creators of The Venture Bros.

  1. GawainLavers says:

    I will not be satisfied with anything less than a 3 hour (4 and a half extended director’s cut on DVD) live-action Venture Brothers movie.  With an R rating and a Led Zepplin soundtrack.  By Christmas.

  2. Teirhan says:

    This new season cannot come fast enough.  

  3. Avram Grumer says:

    My girlfriend and I were kicking around casting ideas for a Venture Bros live-action movie a few weeks back. Here were our choices: 

    Brock — Patrick Warburton, obviously. 
    Jonas Jr — Peter Dinklage, almost as obviously. 
    Rusty Venture — She leaned towards Bryan Cranston, I was thinking more of Kurtwood Smith. 
    The Monarch — Eddie Izzard. 
    Henchmen 21 and 24 — Jack Black and Ray Romano. 

    We never came up with anyone satisfactory for Dr Girlfriend; our best idea was Christina Hendricks with Harvey Fierstein’s voice dubbed in. 

    • penelopejonze says:

      These are all perfect! I might change Henchman 21 to Kevin Smith, since 24 said he looked like Kevin Smith, but also because Smith is more of a sad-sack nerd type like 21 seems to be, rather than the wacky type of Jack Black.

      Eddie Izzard as The Monarch is inspired. Now I’m trying to think of others for Jefferson Twilight (is Samuel L Jackson too big a dream?), Al, Sgt. Hatred, Pete White, Orpheus, etc. I like this game.

    • OtherMichael says:

      Izzard would hit the character spot-on, but he’s not willowy enough.

      What about David Bowie, or Joseph Gordon Levitt?

  4. Kimmo says:

    Man, I can’t believe there are only five comments on this.

    I’m wearing my Venture Bros t-shirt right now. I’m also doing a happy dance.

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