Watch this Great Dane bitch deliver her!

Click to watch Chaos the Great Dane give birth to her litter sometime really soon. She's looking mighty uncomfortable right around now.


  1. Heads Up: Link goes to Brown Bear cam, which is nice and relaxing and all, but no Great Dane birth! A search for “Great Dane” in the site’s search bar didn’t result in anything Chaotic, either.

    1. I get a different feed every time that I click it.  Brown bears and salmon alternating with polar bears and with the great dane.

  2. Once saw a public access video by a couple documenting the pregnancy and labor of their Weimaraner. The actual event was awkward but educational–I learned that dogs have an expression that communicates, “Seriously? Can’t I get some privacy?”

  3. Yay ! More purebred puppies for sale ! Hope this person is a member of the AKC — not a backyard breeder.

    Why breed or buy, when shelter animals die ?

      1. Service dogs are trained, not bred. Some breeds may have an aptitude for particular tasks, but I am unfamiliar with the Great Dane as one of them. 

        1. Yes service dogs are trained, and to my knowledge, any dog breed can be a service dog. However…some breeds or types are more suited to certain tasks. 

          As an example, a Chihuahua is not as well suited to defence duty as a German Shepard, and the Chihuahua is better at detecting sleep apnea and delivering a corrective, therapeutic nip.

          1. Well…first, any sort of therapy dog you can think of, even for the sake of humour, exists (and this is fine by me.)

            Also, my Shih-Tzu being small and well-trained, sleeps in my room instead of elsewhere, like a crate. I have a bit of apnea – not enuf to justify a CPAP, but I can snore loudly enuf to be half asleep, hear it, wonder who’s pig is that, then realize there is no pig. People familiar enuf to see me sleep closeup when I’m snoring report I sometimes seem not to breathe for a second or two. I’ve had my five-year-old Shih-Tzu for 3.5 years and at some point I started sensing a sharp, quick bark, a lick on my face or heels or a nip on my heels thru the blanket or directly. I figured out it was the dog. 

            This really became apparent once I became a widower a couple of years ago. I have done a few little tests. I will pretend to be asleep, and snore in a really obnoxious way, and the Shih-Tzu will always do her thing, then sit there monitoring me. I have also held my breath without any noise and she will also act until I ‘wake’. I have since reinforced this behaviour – that the dog initiated on her own  by simulating sleep and rewarding with praise. I do sleep much, much better.  

            I don’t have an problem that even approaches needing a CPAP which is good cause it looks like a pain in the arse. I do okay with a pillow that keeps my head in a good position, saline spray b4 bed and allergy pills. But the dog has really been a big, useful bonus, especially during allergy season, which is especially brutal where I live. 

            So…to answer your question, a trained dog works well for me. I would choose a small dog over a Great Dane ’cause smaller mouth, smaller bark, smaller food bill, and smaller volume of shit. Plus they fit under an airline seat and qualify as carry on (still cost 150$ extra each way though.)

    1. In this case? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because Great Danes have short lifespans, which they do.

  4. I am a volunteer with an animal rescue, and the volume of unwanted and abandoned pets is staggering. The logic of the people surrendering, abandoning or neglecting their pets is astonishing. Purebred pets that they bought less than a month ago, that they purchased for several thousand dollars for example, from a breeder, pet store or Craigslist. Elderly pets with treatable health issues. Pets that the new fiancee doesn’t like. Pets that have become inconvenient. Pets that they haven’t spayed that are now pregnant that the people don’t want to deal with the litter. Pets that were never trained or socialized properly with behavior issues. Pick an excuse from a hat.

    The logic for breeding their pet is equally incomprehensible to me. There’s hundreds or thousands of animal births on YouTube. 
    “The miracle of birth”.”Just one litter” is a myth — it does not improve the quality of life for the mother, improve her personality or behavior. Many people approach breeding their animal as a business. The puppies or kittens are sold for profit/income ! People with no record keeping or genetics testing or adherence to the breed standards do some unregulated breeding with pals or strangers, and purebred(ish)animals that may have significant genetic deficits are sold to unwitting consumers who don’t even understand about the deficits that happen even within licensed breeders.There are literally millions of beautiful, handsome, sociable, friendly, loving animals that are euthanized in animal shelters every year.

    I am unclear why this dog giving birth is a spectacle for an audience.

    1. I’m intrigued out of simple curiosity because birth is natural but also crazy and a dog in labor is something I’ve never seen.

      That said, you’re absolutely right about the humans.  I don’t understand all these people on Craigslist who “have” to find a new home for their pets “because they’re moving.”  Um, move them with you.  They’re not futons.

      1. To be fair, not everyone can move into a pets-allowed home if they have to move out, and that means having to do something with your pets. I’ve a friend who’s living on Section 8 housing assistance and permanent disability assistance, and the only reason he was able to bring his cat with him when he moved in was because it was classified as a necessary companion (not an “assistance cat” mind you) for his well-being and stability. Otherwise, the place is no pets allowed.

        That being said, there are so many selfish assholes in the world.

    2. All of Chaos’ puppies are going to be service dogs for individuals with disabilities. They are specially trained from infancy to do tasks that many shelter dogs may not be up to, and their great size helps with mobility for certain people. While there are wonderful shelter dogs that can be trained as service dogs, many shelter dogs just aren’t up to the task. The Service Dog Project is doing amazing work and not in any way contributing to the unwanted pet problem.

      1. Many of the pages I looked at about service dogs refer to training shelter dogs with the correct temperament and aptitude. Great Danes have a strong genetic history of serious heart issues (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and hip dysplasia, and a life span of 6 – 8 years according to Wikipedia. Do you get paid for the trained service dogs you provide ? More than you would if you were just selling the puppies ?

        1. Yes, shelter dogs can be trained to be service dogs, but sometimes they aren’t up for more complex jobs (for instance, you’ll find very few guide dog organizations that utilize shelter dogs).

 is a project of the Annenberg Foundation, a philanthropic organization that provides grants to nonprofits. We are partnered with several nonprofit organizations that train service dogs (including nonprofits that utilize only shelter dogs). We don’t sell puppies, and neither do any of our partners. They provide service dogs free of charge to individuals with disabilities.

        2. Also, the Service Dog Project’s dogs do not have those health issues, and their estimated working life is 10 to 11 years. Yes, that’s long for a Great Dane!

  5. Truly, I think the word “bitch” needs to go. If the term for a female kangaroo was a “n****r”, then it’d be alright, wouldn’t it? Would it?

    I don’t like that word at all. And I don’t like it used so much in your face. Ooooh I’m writing this story and it’s okay I’ll make it a headline.

    Maybe I’ve just heard too many friends tell me of their abuse and the words they heard. Well. Maybe victims have had enough of it too.

    1. I can’t really see how that works out. ‘Bitch’ means female dog. It’s been applied in an offensive way to women. The other word has no meaning, history or etymology that isn’t offensive.

      1. Yes, I agree, it’s obvious as the word itself isn’t offensive and is a technical term for a female canines. The root from which the English word derives is pretty old. 

        The word bitch was IIRC was just a word for a female canine that our language inherited. It’s been a while since I took the college class but I looked this up recently – it likely comes from Proto-Indo-European.I think that the reason why the word ‘bitch’ is a pejorative lobbed mostly at female humans — and that ‘dog’ is usually a compliment given to certain (often douchey) human males (in English) is just an  example of ingrained cultural misogyny. 

        (Saying this, I must admit to using the word ‘bitch’ with my fellow humans, but I more often than not I aim it towards fellow men, and usually with a smile, but I am really loathe to hurl it at women (usually.)

    2. Oh lord, take a deep breath. It’s the proper term for a female dog. Veterinarians use it all the time. We can’t go cutting words out of the English language every time someone uses them as an insult.

  6. “She’s looking mighty uncomfortable right around now.” So would YOU if someone had a camera 4 inches from your face while you were trying to deliver 5 or 6 babies.

    1. I’m pretty sure dogs don’t have the concept of live streamed internet video.  The camera is simply an object that it may, or may not wish to chew on at some point.

  7. When asked by his children how he would replace Seamus if something happened, Mitt replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve got binders of bitches”

  8. I was catching up on my reading and happened to go over to the feed right when the first puppy was born. Great timing!

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