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8 Responses to “American once placed in solitary confinement in Iran explores solitary confinement in US prisons”

  1. Great video – really interesting stuff.

    Frankly I find it hard to believe that this is even possible in a country so concerned with rights. Especially as the UN defines this as torture – why aren’t they intervening? Grow a backbone already for crying out loud.

    • Dv Revolutionary says:

      We jaw about rights but we fundamentally don’t believe in them. Rights are conflated with privileges. The wealthy have a full set and you can not take that away. The well off enough try to assume some rights as well. Someone homeless or in prison – they don’t have rights in America. If they breathe or use the restroom they are said to have given up their rights. If they are ever legally or verbally acknowledged to actually have rights the system has de-facto managed to fully circumvent any such rights.

      What got these guys in solitary in this video? Left wing literature? Possessing writings about prisoner’s rights? Smell the freedom.

    • lafave says:

       do as we say and not as we do – that’s the American way!

  2. Some guys there are truly guilty. Some are possibly not. I surely would not want the job of knowing for sure who is and who isn’t. It is something that our country is looking more into day by day however (on a brighter note). And individuals CAN make a difference. Check out “Injustice Anywhere”…it’s got some good info. Some good change HAS happened and will continue to do so as long as people do something, anything…

  3. imag says:

    It is worth reading the article.  The video doesn’t do it justice.

    This is absolutely disgusting.  The prison situation in the US is beyond horrifying.  How can we all live with this?

    I am writing my elected leaders.  If anyone has other ideas, please post them.