French family enjoys its consumer durables, invokes Talking Heads

This French family is certainly pleased by its exciting gadgets!

Deuxième leçon: la question & le washmatic


16 Responses to “French family enjoys its consumer durables, invokes Talking Heads”

  1. Andrew Perrine says:

    Cool ad! In other news, every francophone person in the world invokes the Talking Heads 76 times a day on average.

  2. Dave Jenkins says:

    What’s in the suitcase with the question mark?  Marcelus Wallace’s soul?

  3. gumbowing says:

    It’s Monsieur Hulot’s suitcase at the start of a Jacques Tati movie.

  4. chris jimson says:

    I see the large automobile, and the beautiful wife, but where is that beautiful house?

    And, well. . . how did they get there?

  5. Hugh Johnson says:

    Four person family, two seat car.
    Silly cheese-eaters!

  6. tw1515tw says:

    That car is a Sunbeam Alpine, I think. 

  7. My building has every convenience

  8. rattypilgrim says:

    Maybe it’s the Book of Mormon.

  9. Where are those “club” laundromats now ? :(

  10. Kimmo says:

    What good is a phone with only eight numbers?

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