Music and the Psychedelic Mind (documentary video)

"Music and the Psychedelic Mind" is a 20-minute documentary that explores the relationship between music and psychedelic drugs. It includes an interview with Charles Grob, M.D., professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the Harbor UCLA School of Medicine, about his study using psilocybin and music to treat advanced cancer patients who had "overwhelming anxiety."

Music and the Psychedelic Mind, directed by Cousins


  1. The bit about rave music replicating the heartbeat in utero, reminded me of a Captain Beefheart quote: “That ‘mama heartbeat,’ that ‘bom-bom-bom’ — it’s so boring, it’s so banal. I mean so, uh, hypnotic. I don’t wanna hypnotize anybody. I just wanna play. I mean, I want things to change — like the patterns and shadows that fall from the sun.”

  2. Regarding the question posed around 7:50 in, I’m reminded of the title of a Spacemen 3 album: Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To.

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